2sympleks is a young team of dynamic designers. Our office is located in the centre of Warsaw. We represent the new generation of designers, educated and operating in a new-technology-friendly environment. We don’t just use these technologies as tools. They are our unending source of inspiration. By working with our customers who are specialists in their own fields, we develop innovative solutions to convert their ideas into perfect consumer products.

Our team: Jacek Morawski and Bartosz Wyżykowski – graduates of Faculty of Design of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and Piotr Blicharski – a graduate of Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw Technical University. We often engage in cooperation with experts from diverse fields such as production technology, electronics, IT, marketing, and DTP.

Since 2011 we have been working on product design as well as grapic design, commercial art and architecture. During these four years of intense work, we have completed a number of conceptual and implementation projects, some of which have won international prizes and awards. We work for business as well as for non-governmental organisations and state institutions in Poland and abroad.

Our professional competencies encompass the full product development process, from research to implementation. We believe that good design is crucial for successful realisations.What is more, as an element stimulating economic and technological development, good design is, in fact, one of the most effective tools for brand building.
Our projects include those in: product design, furniture, architecture, small architecture, visual identification, website design, concept art, illustration.
Passion is our fuel and each new project is a new challenge that broadens our experience and your satisfaction even more, enabling us to aim higher.

Prizes and awards
– First prize won in Public space Design Competition organised by Union of Designers in Belgium and Urban Style
– Special award won in OISTAT competition (9th edition) – experimental theatre on water, Berlin
– Prize in the competition organised by Gaspol company – Project of a Stand
– Prize in the Architektura – Murator magazine competition – project of urban recreational infrastructure – „Urban Picnic”/
– Commendation for the conceptual project of SUV automobile from the ‚behance’ website

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